Sunday Night

Daniel’s Vision of Four Beasts

Remember these lessons on Daniel’s Great image:

  1. There are only 4 great world empires – Babylon, Persia, Greek Empire & the Roman Empire.
  2. Because Christ’s earthly life and the church age did not bring the collapse of human government, the “stone cut out without hands” must represent a future coming and kingdom of Christ.
  3. Because the stone fell on the feet (a future event), and the feet of the image are a part of the legs (the Roman Empire), we know that there will one day be a revived Roman Empire.


  1. The first beast represents Babylon (vs. 4)
    1. Body of a lion
    2. Wings as eagles
  2. The second beast represents Persia (vs. 5)
    1. Body of a bear
    2. Three ribs in the mouth possibly represent three main provinces of Persia
  3. The third beast represents the Greek Empire (vs. 6)
    1. Body of a leopard
    2. Four wings emphasized the speed of Alexander’s conquests.
  4. The fourth beast represents the Roman Empire (vs. 7-8)
    1. This beast was truly a monster
    2. The iron teeth symbolized the strength of the Romans.
    3. Notice the ten horns represent ten kings or kingdoms as did the ten toes of the Great Image.
    4. Notice a “little horn” emerges uprooting three other horns (vs. 8, 24-25). Notice these characteristics of the “little horn”.
      1. He overthrows three other kings in the Empire
      2. He speaks eloquent blasphemy (vs. 8, 25)
  • He persecutes the saints
  1. His kingdom is eventually given to the saints (vs. 27)
  • Since we know the ten toes are a future event, then the ten horns must also be a future event. Therefore, the rise to power of the “little horn” is also a future event.
  • Daniel chapter 7 gives us the first glimpse of a man we call the Antichrist.